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I'm warning you, Martin. Don't waste time. How many people do you see starve to death or go to jail because they're nothing else but wretches, stupid and ignorant slaves? Fight for them, Martin. === You dream of a society in which this law is abolished and where individuals are emancipated by the State. But how is it possible to abolish a natural law with a moral law? The aims are right: social justice, freedom. But to whom are they applied? To Society in general. And individuals? === What role do they have in your new Society? You can't pay attention only to the collective. So what? So, as soon as a society of slaves starts to organize itself, without any respect for the individuals that compose it, so it's decline begins. The strongest among them will be their new masters. But this time they'll do it in secret through cunning scheming, flattery, coaxing and lies and worse than what your bosses do to you today. No society that ignores the law of the evolution can last.