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husika made a comment Oct 17 2019
"Read this book and think twice before you consider voting for the Conservatives. Because this book is about the way Torys think about the commoner crowd. It even considers population reduction, and much more. This book was applauded in Britain in ..." Permalink
husika made a comment Aug 16 2019
"Acc. to this bk Conservatism is "equality", "freedom", "serving" and "humility? Oh my God, it is NONE of the above. Just the opposite. But there are forces here in the background, which work toward bringing the C..." Permalink
husika made a comment Jun 02 2019
"The smearing campaign going on against Justin is disgusting and scary. Half truths, gossipy stuff, false info, all used to undermine trust in Justin, who for 3 years was a good guy, and now, suddenly, he is not. The Media is used to manipulate the..." Permalink
husika made a comment Aug 12 2018

Human Nature

Book - 2006
"The main problem with human nature is individualism, which is a constant source of conflict. Some wise man said that individuals can be kept in line only with terror, so the future of mankind cannot contain individual freedom - that is, if we want..." Permalink
husika rated a title Jun 18 2018

12 Angry Men

DVD - 2001
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