Bean There, Done That
Bean There, Done That A Maggy Thorsen Mystery By Balzo, Sandra Book - 2008

Bean There, Done That is the third and best book, so far, in the series. The plot can be partially summed up in the first paragraph: 'if your ex-husband's mistress-cum-missus asks for your help in proving that he cheated on her while he was married to you, just say no.' When said mistress-cum-missus turns up dead and Maggy's ex is considered the prime suspect, she has to move past her feelings of betrayal and hurt in order to prove the man she had been married to for over twenty year, father of her son, was not a murderer. Her involvement in the case puts a strain on her slow moving relationship with Detective Pavlik.
This was a great read with all the elements I like to see in a mystery: good plot, great characters, a little romance, and a surprise ending.

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