I don't get it. I really don't.... At the very beginning of this film's grotesque and bleak story (at an excavation site in Northern Iraq), a small, ancient effigy representing a devil-like figure is uncovered amongst the ruins.

This discovery somehow unleashes a demon-spirit which then inexplicably transports itself all the way over to the USA where it (for whatever reasons) takes possession of a 13 year-old girl, living in Georgetown.

What I don't get is this - In Iraq the principal religion has always been Islam - So, with that in mind - What the hell good would Catholic priests performing a Christian exorcism do to help rid a girl of a demon that comes from a religion which doesn't even recognize Christianity?

If nothing else - This decidedly heavy-handed horror story certainly made a total laughing stock out of the Catholic religion..... Personally, I cannot see why so much fuss has been made about this particular fright flick over these many years. Now 40+ years old, The Exorcist has definitely lost a significant amount of its initial clout. In fact, I'd say that it was pretty laughable, in the long run.

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