I Mag Ine
I Mag Ine How Creativity Works By Lehrer, Jonah Book - 2012

Imagine. Imagine that, after the publication of Jonah Lehrer's latest (last?) book 'Imagine', quotes he attributed to Bob Dylan hadn't been proven to be complete fabrications. 100% BS. Imagine that Lehrer didn't borrow heavily from Kahneman's 'Thinking Fast and Slow', Hyde's 'Common as Air', Glaeser's 'Triumph of the Cities', Isaacson's 'Steve Jobs'. Imagine that Lehrer hadn't simply written about stuff he liked (amphetamine, fancy cocktails, cool people he's met). Imagine. What would remain? A B+ undergraduate psychology dissertation. This book alone justifies public libraries. Instead of having $26 picked from my pocket, I was only out $2 in late fees.

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