Canadian Library Association Awards

Presented annually by the Canadian Library Association for literary and graphic excellence in books for children and young adults.

110 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
The Dragon New Year
A Chinese Legend
Book - 1999 Raincoast Books P BOU
A Child's Treasury of Nursery Rhymes Book - 1998 Kids Can Press J 398.8 C
Janey's Girl Book - 1998 Kids Can Press YA FRI
Stephen Fair
A Novel
Book - 1998 Douglas & McIntyre YA WYN
Bone Dance Book
Silverwing Book - 2007 HarperCollins YA OPP
The Party Book - 1997 North Winds Press P REI
Ghost Train Book - 1996 Douglas & McIntyre P YEE
Takes: Stories for Young Adults Book
Uncle Ronald Book
Just Like New Book - 1995 Douglas & McIntyre P MAN
The Maestro
A Novel
Book - 2012 Groundwood BooksHouse of Anansi Press LPLW YA PBK WYN
The Tiny Kite of Eddie Wing Book
Adam and Eve and Pinch-me Book - 1994 Lester YA JOH
Gifts Book - 1994 North Winds Press P BOG
Summer of the Mad Monk Book - 1994 Greystone Books YA TAY
Last Leaf First Snowflake to Fall Book - 1993 Douglas & McIntyre J 811.54 YER
Nobody's Son Book
Some of the Kinder Planets Book - 1993 Douglas & McIntyre YA WYN
The Dragon's Pearl Book - 1992 Oxford University Press P LAW
There Will Be Wolves Book - 1992 HarperCollins YA PBK
Ticket to Curlew Book - 1992 Douglas & McIntyre J PBK
Eating Between the Lines Book
Strandia Book
Waiting for the Whales Book - 1991 Orca Book Publishers P MCF
The Orphan Boy Book - 1990 Clarion Books P MOL
Redwork Book - 1990 Lester & Orpen Dennys J BED
The Leaving Book
Bad Boy eBook - 1990
The Sky Is Falling Book - 1991 Puffin Books YA PEA
Til All the Stars Have Fallen
Canadian Poems for Children
Book - 1989 Kids Can Press P BOO
Amos's Sweater Book - 1988 Groundwood Books P LUN RL2
Easy Avenue Book - 1988 Douglas & McIntyre J DOY
January, February, June or July Book
A Handful of Time Book - 1987 Viking J PEA
Rainy Day Magic Book - 1987 Stoddart P GAY
Who Is Frances Rain? Book - 1987 Kids Can Press J BUF
Moonbeam on A Cat's Ear Book - 1986 Stoddart P GAY RL1
Shadow in Hawthorn Bay Book - 2001 Seal Books YA LUN
Shadow in Hawthorn Bay Book - 2001 Seal Books YA LUN
Julie Book - 1985 Western Producer Prairie Books J TAY
The Quarter-Pie Window Book
Zoom Away Book - 1993 HarperCollins P WYN
Chin Chiang and the Dragon's Dance Book - 1985 Douglas & McIntyre P PBK WAL
Mama's Going to Buy You A Mockingbird Book - 1984 Viking Kestrel Penguin Books J LIT
Winners Book - 1984 Western Producer Prairie Books YA COL
Sweetgrass Book - 1984 Tree Frog Press YA HUD
The Druid's Tune Book
Zoom at Sea Book - 1983 Douglas & McIntyre P WYN
Chester's Barn Book - 1982 Tundra Books P CLI
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